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A Quick Overview of Soccer in Spain

For those unfamiliar, this will serve as a quick breakdown of the layout and structure of club football (soccer) in Spain.

The top tier of Spanish football is called La Liga (20 teams). Below La Liga are La Liga 2 (22 teams), Segunda Division B (80 teams split into four groups), and Tercera Division (360 teams split into 18 groups). La Liga features two of the world’s biggest and most supported clubs in Real Madrid C.F. and FC Barcelona. The league currently has a television contract with BEIN Sports for viewers in the United States. Seasons typically begin in August and end in May with each team playing each other twice (once each on each other’s home pitch) for a total of 38 games for each team. At the end of each season, the bottom three teams are relegated down to La Liga 2, while three other teams are promoted up from La Liga 2 for the following season. Continue reading A Quick Overview of Soccer in Spain