Frequently Asked Questions:


How long have you been in business?

Our founders, Jason Firestone and Paul Logan, have been involved in the handicapping business for nearly 19 years. They have provided most of their business as an email/phone service prior to launching this site.

Why are you just starting a website now?

With the federal legalization of sports betting and then the subsequent legalization in New Jersey, where our company headquarters is located, we knew that a greater number of individuals would need our money management services. We especially hope to be able to help new and young bettors escape the many pitfalls that come with learning how to navigate the sports betting world successfully.

What sports do you cover?

We currently cover NFL, NCAA football, MLB, NBA, NCAA basketball, NHL, MLS, 6 European countries for soccer/world football, and most club/country soccer/world football tournaments.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards, Apply Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo.  Venmo is used only via our Twitter accounts (@MaxProfitSports, @PLoganMPSC, @JFirestoneMPSC).

What are your Unit Ratings?

When you buy a package that is longer than one day, we offer complimentary money management suggestions with each pick in your package. Each play will be rated in Units ranging from 0.5 – 5. One unit would represent the typical amount you feel comfortable wagering on a play. 0.5 units would represent half of that normal play amount. 3 units would mean 3 times that normal amount, and so on. We will utilize these units over time to try to generate a profit and track profit/loss to help you effectively manage your bankroll and track your successes with us.

Your long-term package prices seem high for my budget. Any suggestions?

We often will do Early Bird promotions for upcoming season plans and occasional sales for certain packages, so please check back often for those. Also, we offer student discounts (for those of legal gambling age) and frequent buyer specials/discounts. Please E-mail us for further information. Last, a helpful trick is to get a group of fellow bettors together and pool your funds for a larger package!

What do I get when I purchase a package?

In addition to the appropriate picks for the duration of time for the package you purchase, you will receive detailed analysis for every pick so that you can understand why we chose what we did. This is part of the education we are looking to provide our clients to help them improve their own skills over time. Also, for non-daily packages, we offer money management suggestions with each pick, rated in “units”.