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A Soccer (Football/Futbol) Betting Basics Walkthrough

Why bet soccer?

One big reason to be interested in soccer as a wagering option is the fact that the entire world has professional leagues for the sport, meaning that almost any time of day, any day of the year, you can find a soccer game on which to place a bet. If you focus the majority of your betting on American sports, your window of betting options is limited to a relatively finite number of hours each day and week.  World football allows you to fill in many of those dead betting hours with wonderful wager options. Continue reading A Soccer (Football/Futbol) Betting Basics Walkthrough

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A Brief Overview of Soccer in Holland

For those unfamiliar, this will serve as a quick breakdown of the layout and structure of club football (soccer) in the Netherlands.

The top tier of Dutch football is called the Eredivisie (18 teams). The divisions below the Eredivisie include, in order, the Eerste Divisie (20 teams), the Tweede Divisie (18 teams), and the Derde Divisie (36 teams in 2 groups). The Eredivisie’s most recognizable club is probably AFC Ajax. The league does not currently have a television contract in the United States. Seasons typically begin in August and end in May with each team playing each other twice (once each on each other’s home pitch) for a total of 34 games for each team. At the end of each season, the bottom two or three teams are relegated down to Eerste Divisie, while two or three other teams are promoted up from Eerste Divisie for the following season. Continue reading A Brief Overview of Soccer in Holland