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Welcome to Max Profit Sports

For some of you, I suppose you may be considering placing your first sports wager.  For others, maybe you’ve made a play in Vegas on a trip, dabbled with an offshore account, or had access to a bookie.  No matter if you are completely new to the game or a fellow seasoned player, we are all about to be in for quite an adventure with the federal legalization of sports betting in the U.S.  This sanctioned expansion is going to create a breadth and depth of sports betting options yet unseen by any of us.  In addition to all of the playing options we vets have known for years, we are about to see a breathtaking influx of new wager choices.  From a continuation and expansion of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) beyond our wildest dreams, to a bevy of live in-game betting options, to the opportunity to play any imaginable sport at any time of day from your couch, we are all in for a wild, and potentially bumpy, ride.

Max Profit Sports Consulting exists to help smooth out as many of those bumps as possible as our guests and clients try to navigate this new (or expanding) sports betting world of which we are about to be a part.  Our efforts will be to impart upon you all of the knowledge we have gleaned from this industry over the years.  We will start from ground zero and build upward (hopefully, with an organization that allows you all to pick your starting point with ease and jump around to learn whatever you may need).  Then, as the imminent sports betting supernova explodes into being, we aim to be here to help guide you through safely until normalcy sets in.  We will use this site to teach you the pros and cons of new wagers that gain traction, as well as dissect the many and varied available betting options each state has to offer as they all (presumably) jump on board this crazy train.  With that said, if you find yourself with a question that needs answering in the days and weeks and months to come, please reach out to us here and we will do our damnedest to get you one of worth.

The bulk of our staff have grown into this industry organically.  The dark, honest truth is, most of us have borne witness to the despair gambling can incur upon individuals and families.  We say this not to be a downer, but, instead, to be real.  How can we glorify the unbeatable high of good sports betting without taking a hard, honest look at the potential for loss which is always negatively exacerbated by lack of discipline, planning, and knowledge?  We at Max Profit are here to help you develop the tools necessary to make your betting processes robotic:  to take the emotion out of placing your wagers so that you can pump those feelings into enjoying the actual game upon which you wagered.  With the proper discipline and knowledge, you will never again chase bad money with good.  You will get to revel in your wins, while gaining the proper perspective of your losses.

Gambling, and sports gambling in particular, can be a rush like no other.  Immense fun and unparalleled excitement.  Are there many things more unifying and uplifting than the rush that comes with winning a bet with your friends?  Not sure?  Ask anyone who has been at a hot craps table with a bunch of their friends all stacking chips together, point after point.  If you are here reading this, chances are you already know how exhilarating placing a wager on a sports team can be or are confident you would like to find out.  So, please, read on, and let us share with you the hard-earned command that can be yours with the wisdom, discipline, and perhaps some picks we aim to bestow upon all of you.

Gambling is obviously about making money…otherwise, it wouldn’t pull on us or excite us like it does.  The dangling carrot that today could be your lucky day is tangible enough to keep us chasing that next big victory.  However, when you get down to brass tacks, gambling is also about feeling good inside.  When you are winning, the world is your oyster.  You can accomplish anything and you attack each day with a fervor unknown to the common man.

Conversely, there is no emptier feeling than when you lose big.  This is when a better without a plan and learned discipline will tend to make their biggest mistakes by forcing a wager and chasing their lost money.  That’s the crux for us all…when it counts, can we keep it all in perspective, see the big picture, and remember that the world still turns tomorrow?  We will still have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and other things that make us happy, that give our lives meaning.  It seems facile unless you’ve already lived it:  gone spelunking in this deepest of caves and come out on the other side, perhaps battered, but alive.  We would love to help teach you all how best to avoid those dark passages and keep you grounded firmly where the light always shines.

We truly hope that our advice, stories, tools, tricks, and information can reach all of you.  Wherever you are in the rabbit hole, we hope to be a source you can trust for honest, hard-earned advice that can stoke or reignite the wonderful flame of excitement that sports betting can emit.  So, keep reading, keep learning, and let’s keep winning!

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