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EPL Surprise Champs?

Going into the opening of the Premier League season last year, pundits and prognosticators alike were justifiably concerned about how Tottenham would perform without a true home pitch.  The new stadium was in full construction mode and Spurs were stuck at Wembley for all of 17-18’s campaign.  After just a so-so start, the Spurs quickly put those concerns to rest and promptly finished top 3 for the second straight season, behind the two clubs from Manchester.

The Spurs, rather quietly I might add, have put one of the best, and easily one of the most consistent, teams together and, I believe, are poised at a title run this season.  Never was that more evident to me than during this summer’s World Cup which showcased Tottenham’s many established and rising star performing at star levels.  With the talen, depth, and coaching consistency and ingenuity that Spurs have again this season, they are my sneaky choice to steal the English Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur 14:1 to win 18-19 EPL